What People are Saying About Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls from The Wisdom Light®

“I just got the bowl I ordered today. It is absolutely amazing!! I struck it very lightly and it must have vibrated at least two minutes. It has the deepest resonance I've ever heard! I'm so impressed with its purity. And, the quick delivery was hard to believe. I posted my praise on Facebook. I will be ordering from you again, for sure. I am in deep gratitude. Many blessings”
- CR, Sound Healer, OH

“Thank you so much for the beautiful bowls. They do play longer than most.”
- HF

“Again, thank you for all the love and work you put into this. I believe it was my angels and guides who led me to your website -- and I'm glad they did. Love and light to you”
- JM, Healing Practitioner/Teacher, Indonesia

“My bowl arrived safe and sound! I could tell by the packaging how much love and intent you put into getting the bowl safely to me. I LOVE the butterfly and the colour coded striker. Thanks for all your care! Love and light”
- Anna , South Africa

“Wonderful. Thanks for going the extra distance for me and the people who will listen to the vibrations. Also, thanks for covering the extra delivery charge for that zip code. It is ancient Native land and is surely beautiful. UR the best”
- JH, Counselor & Sound Healer, CA

“I just received the two boxes with our orders. I am so happy, thank you so much. Thank you for your caring and kindness.”
- LP, Colombia

“My E note quartz bowl arrived. The sound is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much.”
- Eddie, SanFran

“I received my crystal bowl this week and it is AWESOME. Thank you for your quick shipment and for packing everything so carefully.”
- BG, Texas

“Thank you so much. Your customer service is so very appreciated.....I rarely find this level anymore. Namaste.”
- CB, VA

“I've been collecting bowls from various sources during the last several years. The bowl I just received from you is so much more amazing!! I can really hear a difference. Thank you for your time and help. You have a wonderful business ethic and a great product. I will be doing business with you from now on.”
- BW, FL

“Thank you so much for putting out such a quality product. When my mentor left, I inherited some of her bowls and they just did not "fit" the set I purchased from you. Now that I was able to purchase their replacements. I am BLOWN away. I am grinning from ear to ear as I write this. LOVE YOU! With Deepest Gratitude,”
- MSN, Profess. Healing Practitioner, NY

“Thank you So much for the speedy delivery of my New Crystal bowl and the beautiful fresh lavender...what a treat! I always LOVE opening your packages....it's like the BEST birthday gift ever!! I appreciate your special thoughts and professional service!! It arrived safely & sings divinely !!”
- EM, SoundHealer, HI

“I was amazed at how fast the gong arrived. I love it! Thank you so much.”

“I have bought others' bowls over the years, the bowl you sent me was AMAZING. The next bowl you sent me is AMAZING! It is so rare to find a business like yours today.”
- BS, NY

“The bowl arrived this morning and it is beautiful. Such a full tone for a small bowl. Thank you.”
- MR, Arizona

“You are so wonderful and I love my bowls -- I opened my new 8" bowl today and it was right at home, singing with such a loud and clear voice -- I am in love with her energy already. Thank you Thank you. I am going to order today the third eye bowl. I love all of the bowls you have chosen for me. I love your energy. May you be blessed with beauty and balance, prosperity and peace, health and happiness during this upcoming year. Shalom, Shanti, Salaam, Namaste.”
- Rabbi Ann

“Hello. This is George, the guy who bought the 18" F#...I really like the new bowl. The resonance is fantastic; it just keeps going. Really nice. I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for sending me a beautiful crystal bowl. Aloha.”
- George, HI

“Imara, thank you so much for all of your care and attention with our order. I look forward to integrating the gong with the crystal bowls into the healing process with our clients! With much appreciation.”
- DH, Addictions/Recovery Counselor, Malibu, CA

“A Celebration of My bowls and The Equinox - Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! When you said in another email that the new ones were heading out to join the rest of their family, you were SO RIGHT!!! My 6 Wisdom Light BOWLS have become part of my family, with 3 MORE ON THEIR WAY! They are the"miracle" I'd hoped for after reading seemingly a bajillion self-help books of the spiritual variety. It's not that I don't believe that most of those things work for some people. They just didn't seem to do it for me. But somehow, I connected with these crystal singing bowls and the healing has begun. My life has taken on purpose. I'm feeling more grounded. I'm MUCH happier than I was. The list goes on and on and on.....And it all started with Your Bowls! Thank you for being the "midwife" who brought them into being so that I might bring them into my life:-) With deep gratitude and infinite Whale song blessings, ”
- Merry in Maine

“My first bowl arrived today. I am so pleased that I am ordering another now. Thank you.”
- M.L. Minnesota

“You have so much knowledge that I couldn't get anywhere else. Thanks for sharing it with me.”
- L.M. Boston

“I have seen other bowls; yours are far better quality and have richer tones.”
- W.B. Maine

“Your bowls are exquisite and arrived perfectly. I was so pleasantly surprised at how quickly you got them to me.”
- S.L. Georgia

“You've helped me so much. Thank you for making sure I got the perfect bowl for my friend.”
- K.S. Florida

“Your knowledge and expertise are the best. Bless you.”
- M.T. Connecticut

“I heard the bowls once and their effects are still with me.”
- J.D. Phoenix

“The tone went right into my heart.”
- R.F. Brooklyn

“Someone brought one into our sweat lodge; it was the most powerful sweat I've ever been in.”
- S.R. Ft. Collins

“I feel my vertebrae slip right into place each time it's played on my body.” (Chiropractor)
- D.M. Denver

“Your bowls were the best part of this [church] service.”
- H.H. Lakewood

“I felt the energy in the whole room shift and clear.”
- W.H. San Fransisco

“Your bowls instantly transport me to a higher place.”
- K.S Orlando

“They amplify the healing power of REIKI and other energy modalities.”
(Traditional Reiki Master) - K.L. Denver

“I use them for the animals at my veterinary hospital.”
- B.B. Aspen

“They seem to be alive; they seem to love being played outdoors in nature.”
- C.L. South Dakota

“A benefit I never anticipated is that they calm the kids down!”
- L.B. Sacramento

“I often find my adolescent son and his friends reverently playing the bowl. What a pleasant switch from video games!”
- J.N. Littleton

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